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Bright Loritos is the most trusted elementary World Language program in the area. Our comprehensive language immersion subscription program for kids is available to students, parents, teachers, and school communities around the world. We offer subscription programs in Spanish, Mandarin and French for students ages 3-12.

Bright Loritos helps young learners acquire language organically through comprehensible input-based material and engaging videos, music, stories, videos, and games. We specialize in multiple languages. Subscribe today to unlock your child’s world. The content of each program has been created from language structures designed to build a foundation for language acquisition through high frequency core vocabulary that is always presented in engaging context.
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Our Students Love US!

"We wanted to take a minute to thank Bright Loritos for making these online resources so much fun. Thank you, my daughter really enjoys learning French in the subscription program"


"This is an amazing program that keeps my kids engaged in the learning. I’m very impressed so far and know my sons are getting real value from the experience. Keep up the great work!"

"My son LOVES the subscription content.  I was so impressed with the interactive games and how engaged he was the whole time"
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